Telecommunications are at the core of our modern, device-centric lifestyles. Hardware and software advancements are occurring at a rapid pace, improving the performance and usability of our devices. Through practical experience in the industry and continued learning about the latest innovations, we at FIG. 1 are well-versed in numerous telecommunications technologies.

Examples of our experience in telecommunications include the following:

  • Wired and wireless local area networks
  • Wide area networks
  • Radio frequency (RF) technologies, including short-range communication technologies, RF front end design, LTE, 3G and other protocols
  • PHY and MAC layer experience
  • Body-area networks
  • Waveform design
  • BER (PER) analysis
  • Satellite communications (uplink/downlink/crosslink)
  • Broadcast technologies, e.g., DTV
  • Transceiver/radio design