Semiconductor devices serve as essential processing blocks in a variety of technology fields, including computing devices, communications, image processing, medical devices, and artificial intelligence. One of the difficulties in drafting patent applications for semiconductor devices, however, is the difficulty in detecting infringement of claimed subject matter in a competitor’s semiconductor device. Therefore, when drafting applications for semiconductor devices, we focus not only on the novelty of our client’s inventions and associated advantages compared to existing solutions, but also on how to detect our client’s invention in a competitor’s semiconductor device.

Examples of our experience in semiconductor devices include the following:

  • Single and multiple clock domains
  • Clock generation and distribution
  • Power modeling and reduction
  • Wired and wireless power transfer
  • Mixed-signal design
  • Verification
  • Design for test
  • Built-in self-test
  • Manufacture
  • Algorithm design for implementation
  • Bit accurate and cycle accurate modeling
  • Design in various process technologies, including CMOS, GaAs, and InP
  • Prototyping in FPGA
  • Chip bring-up
  • Destructive testing
  • Worst-case and end-of-life analysis