A Patent Tells the Story of Innovation

The first figure in a well-crafted patent, FIG. 1, provides the foundation for the story of innovation and equips the reader with an immediate insight into the ideas protected by the patent. With this foundation, the patent can be used to protect the innovation as laws and technologies evolve during the many stages of the patent’s life: from prosecution, to enforcement, to valuation. Our name tells our story. We put patents first by investing in the people, tech, and infrastructure needed to build strategic patent portfolios for companies that change the world.

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A Trusted Partner

"I’ve worked with the attorneys of FIG. 1 Patents for over fifteen years, they are high quality, highly reliable, and a great partner."

Dana Rao — General Counsel and Executive Vice President at Adobe

“The FIG. 1 team has been an incredible partner in developing our IP strategy; collaborating closely to build and strengthen our concepts. Ultimately, we are in a better position to innovate more effectively, operate more confidently and deliver more value to our customers.”

Chad Patterson — Chief Commercial Officer at iRhythm

"My experience with the attorneys of FIG. 1 Patents has been nothing short of exceptional. They are smart, meticulous, and just overall great people."

Jeffrey Leng — Senior Patent Counsel at AMD

“The attorneys of FIG. 1 Patents have consistently delivered on many crucial areas when we needed them. Whether it was filing a same-day rush application to beat a publication bar or helping us establish an essential secondment through their firm, these capable lawyers have always risen to the occasion. This team can be counted on for timely and competent work.”

Nikhil Sriraman — Managing Patent Counsel at Apple


For Amber Leavitt, Mental Health and Leadership go Hand in Hand.

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Partnership with eBay, GU Law, to Award STEM Scholarship Opportunities

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FIG. 1 Patents ranked #6 out of 802 law firms by Patent Bots for Quality, and ranked #1 for Artificial Intelligence Patents

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Experience Matters

Our patent attorneys have extensive experience in patent drafting and prosecution, with technical backgrounds in electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, and biological engineering.

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Diversity Scholarship

The annual Diversity in Technology and IP Law Scholarship and Internship features a unique combination of financial support and summer internships for a Gonzaga Law School student.

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