Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles are already being used to transport passengers on busy city streets, and to haul cargo on our highways. These self-driving vehicles are designed with complicated, computing-based control systems that integrate the latest software infrastructures, hardware sensors, robotics, and communication technologies that must integrate to perform rapidly and with the utmost accuracy.

At FIG. 1, our extensive patent drafting experience allows us to develop a client’s IP portfolio to protect these diverse system technologies, both as separate and integrated innovations as future developments of autonomous vehicles will no doubt expand rapidly.

Notably, safety is one of the most important concerns affecting the development of autonomous vehicles, and will be an area in which advances are developed to not only encrypt and secure access to vehicle control systems, but also to refine how a vehicle control system identifies and reacts to the infinite number of possible scenarios and environmental conditions that may be encountered while an autonomous vehicle is under operation.