Claim Charting

At FIG. 1, we employ attorneys and technical analysts who truly love technology and stay up to date regarding advances in a wide range of technologies. One way we encourage this love of technology is by providing each attorney and analyst with a “tech budget” usable to purchase new tech products on a yearly basis. As such, we are able to draft patent applications which not only protect our client’s inventions, but also include alternative implementations which may read on competitor products.

During prosecution of each case, we are able to readily identify competitor products which may infringe the claims, and provide client recommendations regarding amendments or new claims which can be crafted to read directly on the competitor product.

Once an agreement is reached with the client regarding an amendment or new claim which is targeted to the competitor product, we are able to draft a high quality claim chart which maps the features of each claim to features of the competitor product. We are experienced in analyzing a variety of different target metrics to be included with each claim chart, including likelihood of infringement, detectability, and strength of the prior art. Thus, through identification of targets and the preparation of strategic claim charting we are able to provide clients with increased value for each case.